Double Red Agassizi Apistogramma

Before I moved, I sold all of my fish to Fish Gallery along with a large assortment of plants. What my initial intention was with the tank was for it to be a breeding tank for Apistogrammas.

I got lured into keeping a lot of different types of fish for one reason or another. In the end it ended up a hodgepodge of different species.

So after moving I decided to only keep the shrimp I had, a mix of Amano and ghost shrimp, more or less to keep the tank clean.

I also made the decision that I was going to go back to my original intention and make this a planted tank for breeding Apistogrammas.

So I stopped at Austin Aqua Dome to see what they had. There were several Apistogramma species to choose from.

I settled on some that I have had luck with previously (roughly ten years). A pair of Double Red Agassizi Apistogramma.

In the store you couldn't really tell what they were going to look like. They were stressed and not colored up very well. The female in particular just looked solid brown. You could see some faint red on the male's fins.

After I got them into my tank for a few hours both of them started to color up some. Amazing what a few hours can do.

I can't seem to get a good shot of them with either camera of mine, so I'll have to wait on that.

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