Centering absolutely positioned things

Recently I found that I needed a different way to center some elements that were absolutely positioned with in a div. I found an article on CSS Tricks that allowed »

Base Projects

One of the biggest hurdles I face when starting a new project is the setup work of the project. It's the work that isn't related to the task you are »

Getting started with Compass Spriting

One of the things that I struggle with on a new project or optimizing an older project is getting Compass spriting setup. I never remember the right syntax to use »

The lure of the shiny new blog

Like any software technologist that blogs, I toy with the idea of migrating to the latest and greatest software as it comes out. I sometimes toy with the idea longer »

gem install: Unable to download data

I've had some problems recently with trying to install gems with a brew installed version of ruby 2.0.0. I'm not sure that this limited to Brew installs of »

Ordered an Arduino Starter Kit

One of my coworkers is putting together a Node Bots Day here in Austin on July 27th. She's really passionate about it, and I want to see her succeed doing »